Heavy Duty Double End Loop Tools



Our Heavy Duty Double Wire End Modeling Tool, No. 209, is designed for removing controlled amounts of clay from a piece as well as creating texture. Its sharpened serrated steel cutting ends allow for precision and ease of modeling.

209 - Each wire end has a unique shape, one is a Bullnose perfect for cutting and gouging. The other wire end is a skew or diagonal cutting end useful in sculpting curved planes and detail with tight angles.

210 - One wire end is a Bullnose, the other a Round Nose, traditional basic shapes on many sculpting tools used for circular and deep gouging work. 

211 -  The Bullnose end's flat side can also cut straight surfaces and planes; its inverse end is a rounded oval which can get into recessed areas like the eye socket, nose and ear openings.  Made from heavy gauge high carbon steel, its wire ends are designed for furrows and draping.

Wire ends are secured into a heavy duty wood handle designed for comfort and durability.

Approximate length - 11".