Clay Working Tools

  • Thin Line Loop Tools

    Sculpture House

    Thin Line Loop Tools

    Also known as Thin Line tools, the 608AZ set of five mini steel detailing tools is an asset to any sculptor. Each double wire end tool provides the artist with the ability to add fine details on faces such as irises, incised design and sgraffito which is...

    $12.50 - $13.47
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  • Hardwood Modeling Tools - Large

    Sculpture House

    Hardwood Modeling Tools - Large

    These tools are fine polished heavy duty modeling tools made from exotic, durable hardwood. Designed to be used when sculpting larger pieces in oil-based clay, moist clay, and plaster. Each end has been crafted to enable the sculptor to perform specific...

  • Hardwood Modeling Tools - Small

    Sculpture House

    Hardwood Modeling Tools - Small

    Our detailing hardwood modeling tools are made of only the finest wood, then polished to perfection. The curves of the wood are designed to fit the hand with complete comfort even after prolonged use. Created with intent, these delicate sculpting tools...

  • Acacia Wood Tools 8-Inch

    Sculpture House

    Acacia Wood Tools 8-Inch

    These modeling hand tools, previously called “Boxwood” Tools, are sometimes referred to as thumb tools since the thumb is often used to hold the tool; they are specifically crafted to act as extensions of your own fingers and hands. These...

  • Acacia Wood Tools 6-Inch

    Sculpture House

    Acacia Wood Tools 6-Inch

    Previously called Boxwood tools, the modeling tools are crafted from Acacia Wood, an extra hard, durable wood which is water-resistant thus making them perfect for pottery, ceramics and other water-based materials. They are sometimes referred to as thumb...

  • Chavant Industrial Clay Tools


    Chavant Industrial Clay Tools

    Very high quality sturdy loop tools. Chavant Industrial Clay Tools feature a round hardened wire shaped and hand ground to a half moon with a flat side on the outside edge. Wire is brazed together and inserted 2" into pre-drilled wooden handle. Wire is...

    $32.15 - $34.29
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