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  • J-MAC Extruded Sprue Waxes (2-S2)

    J.F. McCaughin

    J-MAC Extruded Sprue Waxes (2-S2)

    2-foot long extruded wax for creating sprues, red color. Bulk pricing is available, please call 480-967-7727 for pricing and availability by the box. Available in round, square, or cored square shapes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3/16" - 1"...

    $0.20 - $4.28
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  • J-MAC Stic Wax (2-U28)

    J.F. McCaughin

    J-MAC Stic Wax (2-U28)

    J-MAC Stic Wax is used primarily for bonding a wax pattern to a wax sprue system. They are compounded with virgin material. The materials used are completely compatible with all pattern and sprue wax systems. Each pellet weighs 1/2 pound.

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  • J-MAC Utility Patch Wax (2-U7)

    J.F. McCaughin

    J-MAC Utility Patch Wax (2-U7)

    A very soft, pliable red wax for patching wax casts in preparation for the foundry or just to fill small holes. Often used without heating. Often called Disclosing Wax. Each unit is 1lb of wax.

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  • Alcohol Lamp

    Alcohol Lamp

    The alcohol lamp is a necessary tool in warming tool ends for smoothing and working in wax. Adjustable wick and can be set at an angle. Wick is not included and is sold separately.

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  • Figure Armatures

    Sculpture House

    Figure Armatures

    The aluminum wire armature is a necessity when sculpting moist clay, oil-based clay, and other sculpting material which does not support itself. Usually that occurs if you are modeling figures over 5 lbs. in weight. Made from non-staining,...

    $36.50 - $110.50
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  • Head Armatures

    Sculpture House

    Head Armatures

    Head Armatures are designed and constructed to provide an internal support skeleton for the oil-based clay, moist (wet) clay or other sculpting medium which cannot support itself. It is made of non-staining, non-corrosive aluminum wire and a sturdy...

    $48.76 - $63.70
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  • Aluminum Calipers

    Aluminum Calipers

    Calipers are a very useful tool for taking exact measurements from live models or for enlargements or reductions of sculptural work.

    $13.38 - $18.50
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