• Chavant

    Chavant NSP Clay

    NSP (Non-Sulfurated Plasteline) is a line of professional, sulfur free sculpting clays. Removing sulfur minimizes difficulties associated with mold making with silicone rubber. Can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F. With three hardnesses to...

  • Chavant

    Chavant Le Beau Touche

    Le Beau Touche is a sulfur free, extremely smooth and flexible plasteline with exceptional adhesive qualities. A softer clay and slightly tacky for those projects that need a little sticking. Available in green, brown, and cream colors. Each block is 2lb...

  • J.F. McCaughin

    J-MAC Classic Clay (2-AB200 Series)

    The original no sulfur J-MAC "Classic" Clay for professional sculptors is available in three degrees of hardness and two different colors. It is easy to work with, requiring the minimum in armature support. It is the worldwide favorite of sculptors. This...