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Arizona Sculpture is the online sales catalog for Ball Consulting, Ltd. , with a physical store in Tempe , AZ.

Arizona Sculpture is the one stop resource for all your sculpting needs from concept to foundry, including patination. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we carry an excellent variety of "How To" and reference books to help with your next project from well known sculptors, instructors and patineurs such as Bruno Lucchesi, Philippe Faraut, Tuck Langland and Patrick Kipper.

You've read the books, you have your idea and now you need materials. We carry oil based sculpting clays and plastelines from J.F. McCaughin and Chavant. We also carry sculpting waxes from J.F. McCaughin. To support the clay or plasteline, we have armatures and armature wire.

You will probably need sculpting tools to move and manipulate all that sculpting clay or plasteline. Our large selection of sculpting tools comes from quality manufacturers like Sculpture House Tools, Jack Richeson & Co. and Glyptic Tools and includes standard items like wire loop tools, wood tools and calipers. We carry sculpting stands from Sculpture House Tools as well as our own line of affordable sculpting stands fabricated locally.

Now that you have finished sculpting your piece, you need to make a mold. If it is a flexible rubber mold you need, we carry liquid mold rubber from Smooth-On. Depending on the material to be cast into your mold, you can choose from one part latex to two part polyurethane rubber or silicone rubber. The support mechanism for the flexible mold rubber goes by several names: mold shell, mother mold, carrier mold, etc. There are just as many material options and we carry several: plaster and hemp, Forton Modified Gypsum and glass fiber or urethane plastics from Smooth-On. We have a series of release agents for use in the mold making and casting process also.

The next step in the evolution of your sculpture is making a copy. If you prefer the traditional method and want a foundry cast bronze sculpture, we provide materials to prepare your sculpture for casting. We supply casting wax, microcrystalline wax and sprue wax from J.F. McCaughin. We also carry Victory Brown microcrystalline sculpting wax. You may choose a more economical method of cold cast bronze. This can be accomplished using Forton Modified Gypsum or casting plastics with metal powders.

You're almost finished!! Traditional patinas, solvent based dyes and finishing waxes that work well on both foundry cast bronze sculpture or cold cast bronze grace our shelves.

Remember, regardless of whether sculpting is a new hobby or a long time profession for you, Arizona Sculpture can help you!!

Visit our store at:

Reynolds Advanced Materials
1727 E. Weber Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281

Ball Consulting, Ltd. also distributes materials for the GFRC, FMG and GRG markets.

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Photos provided by:
1. Sculpted by Jack Walker
2. Atelier Ball
3. Atelier Ball
4. Sculpted by Lynne Feinberg










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